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Amidst a tight run of preparations began the Vishu Easter program, on the 22nd April, 2017.

It was a karaoke filled music session; well coordinated by the members in charge of the committee.

There was talent, each of them in house, and they performed with great perfection and without a flaw. Indeed, the practice made a huge impact on them ensuring that the audience stayed enthralled, cheering and participative.

Within the session, issuance of Membership ID cards were also undertaken and inaugurated, similarly the Legal Cells division of introducing legal literacy for the benefit of the members and those who want to take an opportunity of being legally empowered was also initiated.The launch of NISHKA – the collectors issue for the benefit of members and their families was also announced. NISHKA will essentially have inputs from members – be it short stories, poems, drawings, recipes, medical tips, legal tips and photographs; besides messages from dignitaries of BMS and the State. But yes, it has to be commercially viable, hence the importance of getting advertisement, as well.

All in all an evening filled with entertainment, enjoying the company of each other, MUSIC and Food.

For a change, it was good to see the Borivli Malayalis dancing and enjoying the Music as one big large family.

If you have been part of it, the highlights have been uploaded on YOU TUBE (click on the link below) across 8 different uploads, besides the pictures below.

Just ENJOY – Cheers!!!

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