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Play School & Nursery: Parental approach to the kids and special care required for them.

Jr. & Sr. K.G. Montessori system of education will be pursued to suit the needs of the growing children.

Std. I onwards:  The system recommended by the Maharashtra State Board of Primary & Secondary Education will be followed.

Our Methodology: We have designed a modern methodology to teach the students, which is tension free for both the students and parents. Students will be given computer exposure at appropriate classes. Also we practice Yoga and Karate in the classes. We propose to introduce indoor / outdoor games as well in a professional manner.

Rules for Pupils

The School admits male and female children. The main and usual mode of entry is at the Play school / K.G. level through Jr. K.G. All pupils and their parental guardians are expected to get themselves well acquainted with the rules and regulations of the school and strictly adhere to them. Ignorance of rules is not an excuse for non – compliance and any such instance of non-compliance will necessarily invite initiation of disciplinary action against the defaulters.


All students should wear school uniforms as per the uniform code as stipulated by the school management. On special occasions with permission, and on one”s own birthday, student may take the liberty to wear clothes of his / her choice.

Students should desist the temptation of wearing ornaments / bringing money or other valuables to the class, and the school is in no way responsible for their safe keeping / loss/ damage.

Students should maintain their hair decently. sporting fancy and indecent haircuts are prohibited and are punishable.

Students should trim their nails periodically and no one should sport long / pointed nails on their fingers / toes.

Regularity and Punctuality

All students are expected to be in their seats in the classroom five minutes before the first bell is rung, before the assembly starts. Late comers will be stopped at the gate, their calendar recorded and they will be warned and let off.

Three such late records will necessitate the parents to meet the diciplinary committee to give an expanation and an assurance not to repeat the same, failing which the students may be rfused permission to attend classes.

No pupil who falls short of 75% of attendance will be promoted to a higher class even if he / she scores the minimum required percentage of marks for being promoted.

A student who remains absent for more than 10 working days without obtaining leave in advance or without intimating the class teacher / Manager, may be removed from the Register by the class teacher with the approval of the Management. However, a teacher may not act on his / her sole discretion in this regard.

Reports of the unit tests and the terminal examination must be counter signed by the parents / guardians within three days of the issue and should be preserved with them and should be produced when called for.

Withdrawal of Students

Any parent who wishes to withdraw his / her ward from the school should give one month’s notice in writing. On the expiry of this notice period and on production of an application for leaving the school countersigned by the in – charge of the fees collection department, he/ she will be issued a school leaving certificate and his / her name will be struck off from the register. A pupil who takes his / her leaving certificate will not be re-admitted.

Local migration is not permitted as per Education Departmental Rules.



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