Origin of The Borivli Malayali Samajam

Post Independence, the younger generation of Kerala was finding it tough to come to terms with the prevalent realities forcing them to look for greener pastures, outside Kerala, for their livelihood and to support their family in Kerala.

It was natural for the expatriate Keralites living in every town whether in India or abroad to come together under a unifying – social and cultural umbrella.

Hence the Malayalis settled in Borivli, the western suburbs of Mumbai, formed a Samajam for the Borivli Malayalis by the name of “The Borivli Malayali Samajam “

The Samajam was inaugurated by Late Shri. V.K. Krishna Menon, one of the great Indian Diplomats and illustrious Malayali, on 2nd December 1961,

The Samajam is registered under The Societies Act 1860 vide Registration Certificate No. BOM/125/68GBBSD and The Public Trust Act vide Registration Certificate No.F/1781/BOM issued by the Charity Commissioner, Mumbai.

Today, the Samajam is one of the most reputed Samajams in Mumbai, having thousands of members, engaged in a variety of social, cultural and educational activities in Borivli.

The Samajam also has a womens wing which is known as Vanitha Vedi.

Vanitha Vedi

The Vanitha Vedi of Borivli Malayali Samajam upholds the unique Kerala tradition of importance and respect to women in the society.

Ever since its inception, the Vanitha Vedi has demonstrated its ability and capability in supporting the Samajam’s activities in exemplary manner.

The Vanitha Vedi’s role in cultural, educational and social activities of the Samajam is praiseworthy. The annual Inter-school painting competition, elocution competition, dance programmes during annual day celebrations, onam celebrations and other cultural events would not have been successful without the support of the dedicated women members.

The Vanitha Vedi has been adjudged winner in many inter-samajam competitions. Apart from representing the Samajam, some of the Vanitha Vedi members have proved their metal in their individual capacities as well in Kaikottikkali Competition etc. The Vanitha Vedi provided its members with opportunity to unleash their potential in the cultural activities.

The social awareness and sense of responsibility of the Vanitha Vedi was proved by a well attended Seminar on Gynaecology. A prominent practicing Gynaecologist was invited to educate women in the society on the subject, followed by a  gynaec  check-up camp. The entrepreneurship of the lady members of the Samajam was  also demonstrated through  “Onachanda”

With the help of the smarter younger generation and the dramatic revolution in communication technologies, the Vanitha Vedi must now explore possibilities of redefining its role in the social, educational and cultural ethos of the Malayali Community in and around Borivli.