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Residential Treatment and Transition Program for Young Adults

OPI Living Programs Are All-Inclusive

OPI treatment programs for young adults.


In all of our OPI Living Programs, including the OPI Intensive, the OPI Standard and the OPI Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) participates learn:

To persevere and tolerate the inevitable ups and downs that inevitably happen when striving to reach goals and dreams.

The value of compromising while holding to core beliefs and values.

Ignite Passion in Life

At OPI, we understand young adults must feel they are Progressing, not Regressing, and that it is possible to develop a “Passion” in life. Simultaneously they may require appropriate individualized structure, oversight, continuum of care and compassionate support as they gain independence.

At OPI there is a gradual reduction in supervision and structure consistent with each participant’s developmental process.

Build Lasting Relationships

Each young adult and their family transform their relationship so that all parties can learn to communicate with greater clarity and focus on building a relationship based on mutually acceptable goals.

How We Accomplish This

Assistance graduating high school, obtain a GED or attend of many local colleges or universities

Attend a trade school at a Culinary or Fashion Institute

Pursue Acting or Music at a nearby school

We help get paid or non-paid work opportunities that create a greater sense of true individuation and an understanding responsibility

Introductions to people in fields of interest, many of whom agree to mentor

Through relationships with staff, peers and programs participants learn greater patience, tolerance and compassion, not only for themselves but for each other

Demonstrate, shape and cultivate their personality through community meetings, group outings and intensive psycho-dynamically-oriented groups that utilize Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt and experiential techniques including yoga and mindfulness techniques

Practice the skills they have acquired in their individual, group and general milieu experiences in real life situations

Help increase their communication skills, self-esteem and ability to recognize and value the unique gifts they possess